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Bank Mega

Training Joget Workflow With Bank Mega


Bank Danamon

Training Joget Workflow with Bank Danamon


Indonesian-Hungarian Business Gathering

At the end of 2015, we were invited to Hungary as an Indonesian representative from ICT industry for “End of Year Indonesian-Hungarian Business Gathering”.


Case Study

BCA Finance is one of the largest finance institutions in Indonesia. BCA Finance has multiple systems to handle their daily operations. It utilizes Joget Workflow to develop a User ID Workflow application for managing employee access to those systems. ID requests and approvals are routed and approved based on the rules of the HR Management system. Once the request is approved, the User ID Workflow application will automatically create the User ID and set the user access permission in the other systems.


Beyond The Future: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of computer science that underlines the creation of intelligent machine (computer) that can work and adapt human behavior.

Telkom University

Training Joget Workflow with Telkom University Bandung


MNC Sky Vision

Training Joget Workflow with MNC Sky Vision


Case Study

Blue Bird Group is one of the largest logistic providers in Indonesia. Blue Bird Group utilizes Joget Workflow to develop a Helpdesk system to manage all SAP system requests such as issue reporting, feature requests and new module development. All requests are put through a stringent approval cycle prior to development. Other areas where automation is applied are vehicle material and equipment requests and approvals


Digitize Across Credit Card Process

In the process of applying for credit, it takes quite long from charging the application to the decision of acceptance or rejection of credit. It leads the possibility of delay and inefficiency in document delivery due to paper-based workflow. In addition, the variable cost of the company will continue to grow as the amount of paper usage. So, what solutions can be applied to overcome those possibilities? of course with an automated credit process, ranging from origination, credit monitoring, document monitoring with flexible schemes.